Virtual Tevis Results - 2020

Posted Sunday, February 21, 2021 4:02pm

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Click for the final results for the 2020 Virtual Tevis:

Riding Division Non-Riding Division

Completions: 1,063
Youngest: Nora Robinson (5 yrs)
Oldest:  Wendy Fowler (83 yrs)
Countries: 18
Completions: 208
Youngest: Wyatt Borkosky (7 yrs)
Oldest:  Peggy Hansen (97 yrs)
Countries: 5

Total Entries:1,639 ~ Total Completions: 1,271 ~ Completion Rate: 77.5%

With the posting of these results, we know that some folks are still asking, “Where’s my completion award??”

This event was such a huge success that it really overwhelmed our volunteer work force. Between COVID-19 delays for product delivery, USPS slow downs, and just plain old “too much work and not enough hands,” we feel the same frustration as those waiting by the mailbox. 

We can’t thank you enough for your support, your patience, and your encouragement. We know that we have disappointed some of you, and we are working to correct that for this event, and future ones as well.

~Your Virtual Tevis Team