Virtual Western States Trail

Posted Friday, July 17, 2020 11:07pm
Virtual Western States Trail


Click for a quick tutorial on how to submit your virtual mileage.


  • I don't own a horse, can I still participate?  YES!  Please register for our non-riding division.  You can complete those miles in any mix of transport that you choose (run, walk, hike, bike, swim, etc) as long as it is NON-Motorized to keep with the spirit of the event.
  • I'm from (country outside the US) and would like to pay the extra to receive a T-shirt, can I do that?  We are working to offer this option!  We are finalizing what the average pricing will be to mail to different global regions, and how best to charge for the additional shipping.  We will update once we have this all resolved.  In the meantime, you can add a US Shipping Address if you have a friend in the United States who could receive the shirt and forward it on for you.
  • When is the deadline to enter this event?  How do we pay the fee?  Entries are open through Oct 31 but you need to complete all 100 miles by Nov 9.  You can pay via credit card (or debit card with a Mastercard/Visa logo) on the registration website linked above (click image).
  • How often should I log my miles?  Do I log them as I complete them or all at the end?  We recommend that you log your miles as you complete them for the best interactive experience.  See our how to submit your virtual mileage tutorial for entering in the completed miles.
  • How best should I track my miles?  We recommend one of the free GPS phone apps, there are quite a few to pick from.  Endomondo, EquiLab, Map My Ride/Run, or Ride with GPS are all popular and offer different features.  You can turn on the app, start the track, and then put your phone in airplane mode if you would like to conserve battery (note airplane mode blocks any incoming/outgoing communication such as calls or texts). Use whatever works best for you.  We are not validating any miles submitted.  
  • Can I walk with, run, or drive my horse / mini instead of riding it?  Yes!  Please go ahead and enter the "Riding" Division as you and your equine are still competing as a team.  Many of our Tevis participants dismount and complete at least a portion of the mileage on foot themselves.  We are happy to recognize any miles you and your equine partner complete together, however those are achieved.
  • When will the awards be sent, when I complete the 100 miles?  Awards will be sent after the overall conclusion of the event on November 9th.  This allows our hard-working volunteers to process them all at once, rather than having to try to keep track of who has received their item and who has not.
  • Can I receive an actual buckle for this ride?  No, in order to preserve the integrity and honor of the actual Tevis Cup Buckle we are not offering a buckle for this event.  The price point for participation with a buckle award would not allow many people to register.  This event is a FUN fundraiser for the Western States Trail Foundation (501c3) which is the organization which maintains the Western States Trail and hosts the Tevis Cup Ride.