How to Support the Western States Trail


Protecting, preserving and maintaining the historic 100 mile Western States Trail is an ongoing effort that requires a small army of volunteers and donors. The Tevis Cup Ride relies on the availability and good repair of the Western States Trail for it's very existence.

The Ride is self-supporting and covers its expenses primarily via the entry fees. Generally, the Ride produces a net surplus of about $1,000. The entire amount each year is dedicated to WSTF Trail work. One way to contribute to preservation of the WS Trail, therefore, is to enter and ride the Ride!

The Trails Committee works year round, but especially in late Spring/early Summer before the Ride, to repair damage wrought by Winter weather or the effects of trail use. These volunteers also clear encroaching vegetation, such as blackberries, poison oak and manzanita.

Each year there are special projects to improve or re-route sections of the trail that are considered unnecessarily difficult. Trail work is usually done on Saturdays and Sundays, and is generally scheduled a few weeks in advance (see the Trail Work Projects page on the News menu). Giving your time in support of the WS Trail by joining in on a Trails Work Day is an extremely valuable way to help out ...and it's FUN ! It's good to call the announced work party leader ahead of time, but it's Ok to just show up.

FOWSTA (Friends Of the Western States Trail Alliance) raises the funds needed to cover the immediate costs of WS Trail repairs and improvements. FOWSTA sponsors a number of fundraising events during the year, including the annual "Fun Ride" in April and the Holiday Party in December. You can make a Direct Contribution to Support of the WS Trail by joining FOWSTA.

Your membership donation will place you on the mailing list to receive a your copy of The Tevis Forum, an annual publication full of WS Trail information, history and tips about doing the Tevis Cup Ride that you will want to read cover to cover. As a FOWSTA member, you will also receive the annual FOWSTA News Letter, an update on what's been happening through the year and what's ahead in the next.

The Adopt-the-Trail Campaign is an effort to raise a Half-Million Dollars as a permanent endowment for the Western States Trail. Donations are based on $1 per foot of the 100 mile trail. Donations are placed into a dedicated investment fund where the principal is protected. Once this Endowment Fund grows to $500,000, interest and dividends will be made available for WS Trail purposes.

A full mile ($5,280) or half mile ($2,640) can be donated. Sections of a half-mile or more can be named by the donor, and the location of the adopted section can be chosen from those not yet adopted.Quarter-mile sections of the trail can also be selected and adopted for $1,320 and are recorded under the name of the donor.Sections of a Quarter-mile or more can be paid in annual payments spread over five years.Individual donations of at least $25, but less than a quarter mile, are very welcome and are grouped into the "World Wide Mile."

Use the Pledge Form to adopt your piece of the Western States Trail!

You can also donate any flat amount, or schedule a recurring monthly donation via the Donate button below. All donations will go towards maintenance and development of the trail and staging areas for the trail.

The Western States Trail Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Your donation is fully tax-deductible.