The Western States Trail Endowment Fund

Dedicated to preserving the integrity
and heritage of the Western States Trail


2016 Officers

Chairman Jeff Herten
Vice Chairman *Chuck Mather
Treasurer Mike Pickett
Secretary Roger Yohe

Other Members to the Board

*Roxanne Greene
Shellie Hatfield
Kathie Perry
Tony Benedetti

* WSTF Board Members Emertus


Established in 1996 as a special reserve account for future needs of the Trail, the Western States Trail Endowment Fund is committed to preserving the invested capital and building its assets so as to form a continuous source of income to meet the goals of the Western States Trail Foundation.

The current goal of the Endowment Fund is to raise $500,000 through its “Adopt the Trail” program. One mile sections of “adopted trail” are available for $5,280; half- and quarter-mile sections are available for adoption at $2,640 and $1,320, respectively. Full- and half-mile contributors may also name their section of trail. Payment of the selected amount may also be pledged and paid in installments over a five-year period.

Portions of the trail may also be adopted at $1.00 per foot, the minimum pledge being $25.00. The Fund has designated sections of the Western States Trail, known as “Worldwide Miles,” for recognition of these contributions.

WSTF is a qualified Charitable Organization. Your Adopt-the-Trail donations may qualify as a deduction for tax purposes. You should consult with your tax advisor for complete information. The WSTF Office will provide a donation receipt for your records.