Is This the Year? [March 2018 Newsletter]

Posted Thursday, March 1, 2018 10:03am


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tenney far

Tennessee Lane and Auli Farwa crest Cougar Rock on their way to winning the 2017 Tevis Cup




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As the WSTF committees ramp up to face multiple decisions and fill a myriad of positions, I reflect on the difference one year can make.

Last year’s extended winter blast held us hostage and unable to determine the route the 2017 trail would take. Someone asked me this week if there is anything new for Tevis this year, and I had to say, “Yes, we are using the traditional course from Robie Park to Auburn.” The weather can change at any time. But as of now, with little snow and little rain in the west this season, it looks like our trail will be “traditional.”

Temperatures have been in the high 70s in the Auburn area, and the almond trees are in full bloom in the valley. All this adds up to a longer ride season in the west and more days to work on the trail. You are encouraged to participate in trail work days and help WSTF/ WSER trail groups get the trail ready for the 63rd running of the Tevis Cup. The joint WSTF and WSER trail committee has scheduled work days between now and the end of June, and we welcome your participation on the trail teams. Please go to and click on the “sign up---be a trail volunteer” tab. No matter your conditioning or skill level you will be welcome to join and participate. Everyone learns something they did not know when they work on trail days.

We have riders from Canada who are still “iced in” and have a shorter ride season, but join us, ready to go, every year. Many times these and other international riders lease a local horse to make the 100 mile ride. If you are interested in that program, please notify the office, and someone will get back to you with updates and options. We have a link ( on the Tevis website. You can aslo contact Linda Glazier who will help you by posting that you are interested in a horse or you have a horse to lease. The sooner you monitor that site, the better your chances of getting a good match with your goals.

As of now, we are planning to use the new location for the first full vet check at Red Star. The layout there handles the large crowd that comes through early in the race. Many positive comments were heard last year from the 2017 riders about the ease of the traffic flow getting through this location.

This is also the time of year for vendors and sponsors to sign up to participate at Robie Park, Foresthill, and/or Auburn. Vendors can find information here ( or contact Pam Stalley at Interested sponsors please visit this page ( or contact Pam Bailie at

I have often get asked the question, "How many 50-mile rides should I do with my horse in the year I want to complete Tevis." I have heard Tevis Veterinarian Jamie Kerr recommend, that in a perfect year, you want to finish three 50s before Tevis. In a year with warm dry weather, we see success from horses in that type of program.

For those riding a Crabbet bred Arabian, there is a form ( on the website that allows you to enter your horse to compete for an award honoring the highest placing Crabbet horse to finish Tevis. This contest is run by the Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse Society. Riders must ride a qualified horse and submit the form ahead of the ride.

I would like to welcome Joe and Cindy Larkin of Greenville to the 2018 ride committee. Joe will be assistant ride director charged with (among other things) data management for the entries and awards. This is something that takes a number of us to check and cross check—even after being up all night. Joe and Cindy have years of Tevis experience and beef up our “tech team”. We are excited to have them aboard; their wicked sense of humor is just a plus!!

Happy Training,

Chuck Stalley

2018 Tevis Ride Director


trail work

Special thanks again to all of our joint (WSTF/WSER) trail volunteers who putin 3,000 hoursof work last year. It was a group effort of conservation teams and veteran WST supporters and current WSTF Board members and runners. Extra special thanks to Chuck and Jim Mather and Bill Gore for many hours hiking dozens of miles in to cut down trees right before last year’s event.

The 2018 ride course will be back to normal so there will still be lots of work to do in the high country and canyons as usual. Let’s try to beat our equestrian volunteer hours put in last year!

Please note -

  • An important reminder to all: anyone training on the Western States Trail please email your time spent door to door scouting for trail repair area needs or clearing of downed trees and get us an accurate location of areas needing repair work. Your help is greatly appreciated and necessary to help with government volunteer matching funds that we only get for our trails if we do this.

Email dates, hours and locations towstftrail@gmail.comor Facebook message them Nicole Wertz.

  • You can sign up for joint WST (run/ride) volunteer dates atwstrail.orgor Tevis webpage.
  • The USFS will do a preventative trail clearing but likely not starting until May. This means that if you are out on the trail from the Robie Park to Foresthill you may likely encounter trail repair spots in need or downed trees. Ride these areas at your own risk and please make note of them if you encounter them, take photos, mark the location with GPS if possible and send the info as noted above.

And finally - a big thank you to Terry Reed who has spearheaded a joint effort for us to be able to utilize Placer and El Dorado County sheriff work project folks this year to help with some trail work.



March 9 and 10, 2018 - Grand Sierra Resort – Reno, Nevada

The Tevis Store will be there in full force.

Please come to the WSTF Reception - Friday, March 9, 2018 from 5 pm to 7pmin the Tahoe Room on the Casino Level. It’s a great chance to learn about the ride, the trail and see the trophies. You can also take this golden opportunity to sign up as a Signature Rider for 2018 or (at minimum) go ahead and just enter the ride.

We’ll also have entries for the Family Fun Ride.

Buy a rock or make a donation to the WSTF – help us keep the trail alive.

FREE food and everyone is welcome!


fun ride


vet check

The veterinary committee is anticipating continuing the research study at Robinson to evaluate electrolytes, packed cell volume, and protein in participating horses this year.

We will be working hard to not delay riders with the blood draw and results will not be in consideration during the ride. Results will be available to riders after the ride and used only to increase data to see if any of these parameters signal values that predict failure to complete the ride.

The committee will be considering a proposal for a voluntary weight study on horses before transport, at vet-in, and at several stops along the trail trying to determine if weight loss can be used as a measure of hydration and predict likelihood of success. More info to come!


Attention all riders - think about becoming a Signature Rider for 2018. The Signature Rider program is our continuing effort to provide enriched opportunities for riders that would like to give back to the trail that means so much to us all. The $1,500 entry includes (in addition to the obvious cache); your buckle upon successful completion of the ride as well as a valuable swag bag of wonderful goodies. It also includes an $800 letter of donation for your tax records.

Please see the entry hereand sign-up! We are already 20% of the way to the limit of twenty 2018 Signature Riders – so sign up soon! You’ll sleep better at night knowing that you are participating in the preservation and improvement of the world famous TEVIS TRAIL!!!