What You Need to Know

Posted Thursday, June 17, 2021 8:06pm

buckleEntries are still being accepted for the 2021 Tevis Ride...

It's not too late to go for a buckle!

Entries arriving in the office after July 5, will be subject to a late entry fee of $100.

That date will be here sooner than we can imagine, so enter now!

President’s Message

Attention Crews at Robinson Flat: There are two major problems with Robinson Flat - too many people and too little water.robinson

  1. People: We have very limited space at Robinson Flat this year. By necessity, we are limiting crews to two persons per rider, NO EXCEPTIONS! Riders will receive 2 wristbands for crew members. Vehicles will be checked at Sailor Flat and only people with wristbands will be allowed to go up to Robinson. If you arrive at Robinson without a wristband you will need to stay at Sailor Flat until your official crew members return down the hill. There will be no spectators, except crew, at Robinson Flat.

  2. Water: We are in a severe drought and most commercial water trucks are reserved for fire duty. We have very limited water and it can not be wasted. No hosing of horses will be permitted and no pouring buckets of water. Sponge buckets will be available. DO NOT SPONGE OUT OF TROUGHS! Violation of this may result in disqualification of your rider.

Thank you!

Jeff Herten

Ride Director’s Message

Important Information for the 65th Annual Tevis Ride on July 24, 2021:

The Seeding documents are included as part of the Ride Entry Packet. If you do not wish to be considered for Pen 1, you do not need to submit any seeding forms. Remember, it is the horse and not the rider who is seeded into Pen 1, and therefore, Pen 1 cards are not transferable among riders.

  1. If you have entered the Tevis with your horse TBD (to be determined):

    Please send the information on your Tevis mount to the Tevis office by July 10.

    If we receive this information before midnight on the 10th of July, there is no additional fee charged. If the information arrives after this date, is changed, or is provided at the registration table at rider check in on July 23rd, a $25 charge will be applied to your entry.

    Please act on this asap if you can determine your choice of mounts sooner rather than later.

  2. Entries are still being accepted to the 2021 Tevis Ride.

    Entries arriving in the office after July 5, will be subject to a late entry fee of $100. That date will be here sooner than we can imagine, so enter now to avoid missing out totally or incurring a late entry charge.

  3. If you need to withdraw your entry:

    Please be aware of the timing to do so — the refund policy is date sensitive.

    Only the rider can officially withdraw his/her entry. The rider enters and signs all documents, so it is only logical that we must hear from the rider about the status of his/her entry. Please send an email (wstf@teviscup.org) or other written correspondence to:

    The Tevis Office
    150 Gum Lane, Suite C
    Auburn, CA95603.

    The refund policy is as follows (roll-overs to future years are not allowed):

    Refund Policy: Rider entry withdrawal requests received at the Tevis office on/before July 5, 2021 (and horses pulled at check-in) will receive a refund, less a $30 non-refundable administrative fee, 30 days post ride. No refunds for withdrawals after July 6, 2021 or for no shows. Horses unable to start because of injury or sickness occurring on/after July 6, 2021 and fully documented by a vet, may receive partial refunds at the discretion of ride management. Deadline for refund of stall reservations is on/before July 5, 2021. For Covid 19 refund policy, see cover sheet of the entry form.

  4. The WSTR will follow the following Covid Precautions for this year’s event:
    "The Western States Trail Foundation will follow any State and county regulations in place at the time of the Western States Trail Ride. This may include facial covering requirements, social distancing, and/or sanitation measures, ie. if you are traveling in a vehicle with people not of your personal pod, the driver or other passengers may request that you wear a facial covering while in the vehicle or use other transportation if you decline to do so. All events during Ride Week, the ride itself, and awards ceremonies will be held in compliance with protocols in place at the time of the event."

  5. 2021 Seeding Process:
    For riders interested in placement in Pen 1 for the start of the Ride, the seeding process is similar to what was used in past rides. The only primary change involves the qualifying time period which is reported for the horse’s record. The time period has been extended due to the lack of competitions during the Covid 19 Pandemic in 2020. The following dates are provided to assist you in properly completing the Seeding application in a timely manner:

    • Qualification period: January 1, 2019 through July 4, 2021
    • Submission period: June 15, 2021 closes midnight July 6, 2021
  6. Rider packets:
    will be emailed to all entered riders about three weeks before the ride. Please be sure we have a correct email address for you if you are riding. Very important information and updates will be included, and we request that you read through your packet carefully before arriving at the start.

  7. Robinson Flat:
    is going to be extremely crowded this year due to hazardous tree logging being conducted by the US Forest Service during the time of our event. Riders will be allowed one vehicle (pass will be issued) and two crew members who must wear the provided wrist band for admittance.

  8. Vehicle passes, wrist bands, 2021 WSTR Rule book, and waterproof checkpoint information cards:
    will be mailed to all California riders by USPS at least two weeks in advance of the Ride. Any out of state or international riders should plan to pick this packet up at the Tevis office between 10 am to 2 pm for the two weeks in advance of the Ride.

On behalf of the 29 members of the Western States Board of Governors, the ride committee and the community of Auburn, we look forward to seeing you at the 2021 Tevis Cup Ride!

Chuck Stalley

GPS Ride Tracker Sign Up!tracker

CLICK HERE to sign up for a GPS tracker - $60 rental fee.Pick it up at Robie, drop it off at the end of your ride (wherever that may be, but hopefully at the stadium).

Let’s your friends and crew know where you are throughout the ride with every-five-minute updates.

Ride management encourages riders to use trackers, in combination with the webcast it gives us a great idea of where riders are at all times. And it makes our sport spectator-friendly!

The Forum has arrived!

Tevis Forum cover

Or, if it hasn’t landed in your mailbox yet, it will very shortly!

Virtual Tevis Cup - 2021virtual buckle

We would like to thank all 1,639 participants in our Inaugural Tevis Virtual Event in 2020.

Due to popular demand, we're bringing it back for 2021!

We're planning to launch signups for the 2021 Virtual Ride in early July, with miles to be accrued starting on July 24th with the annual Tevis Cup Ride. Watch this space for details!

You have 100 days to ride, walk, run, bike or swim your way to 100 miles. As you log your miles completed, you will receive an email notification of where that mileage would place you on the historic Western States Trail.

We hope you join us virtually on our journey to Auburn. See you on the trail!