2021 Tevis Cup - Where to Watch?

Posted Sunday, July 11, 2021 11:07am

Bath Rd, Foresthill 2019

Spectators are always welcome to come and watch the ride and there are many places along the route where you can watch the horse and riders pass through. Here is a summary of locations:

Where (Mileage) When* Notes
Spectators not allowedSpectators allowed, but access difficult or viewing is limited, so not recommendedSpectators welcome

Robie Park (0) Friday -
all day
Robie Park—the base camp for the ride start—is always a hive of activity. Robie Park is accessed via Brockway Summit on hw-267. Spectators may watch vetting-in, browse vendors, and attend the pre-Ride meeting at 6:30 pm.

Bring your walking shoes and expect to get dirty - Robie Park is known for its talcum powder-like red dirt. Please take care driving through Robie Park - horses have right of way!
  Saturday -
:30-5 am
It's really dark at this time of the morning, so although you'll pick up on the energy of horses and riders, it's hard to see much. Horses gather in pens prior to the start, but the start itself isn't possible to access.

Take care to stay out of the way of the [highly energized and nervous] horses and riders - and please note - no engines may be started prior to 5:30 am on ride day

hw-89 (~4) 5:30-7 am Riders cross under the highway at this location. There is limited parking, so please do not block the road.

Robinson Flat (36) - Sadly, because of restrictions placed on us by USFS logging activities, this year Robinson Flat is limited to two crew (with wristbands), so no spectators will be allowed. We welcome you back next year, though!

Dusty Corners (45) 11 am - 2 pm It's a very long drive up to Dusty Corners on Mosquito Ridge Rd, and you'll only glimpse the riders for a brief minute as they pass through this spot and let their horses drink, before continuing. For this reason—although allowed—spectators and crews aren't really recommended.

Michigan Bluff (62.5) 2-7 pm Years ago, Michigan Bluff used to be the main one-hour hold during the ride. However, nowadays it is limited to riders cooling their horses after the long climb out of the canyon. Access is permitted, however you must park at the top of the hill and hike in (and conversely, hike back out again - uphill this time) - it's a little less than a mile.

Chicken Hawk (64) 2:15-7:45 pm Chicken Hawk is a "gate-n-go" vet check - horses must meet veterinary criteria (including a pulse of 64 bmp) before being able to continue on through Volcano Canyon to Foresthill. Because the access road allows only for one-way traffic, you must park out on the paved portion of Michigan Bluff Rd and hike in via the level dirt (and it is very dirty) road - it's a little less than a mile.

Foresthill (68) 3-9:45 pm The Mill Site is the main afternoon/evening hour-hold vet check during the ride. Spectators may view riders arriving via Bath Rd, watch the horses being cooled and vetted, and celebrate riders leaving (with lighted glowsticks on their horses after dark). Please avoid getting in the way of horses arriving and being cooled out - this area can get very congested at times. Please also follow instructions from the parking personnel as to where to park.
  4-10:30 pm As riders leave the vet check, they ride down Main Street (the frontage road) in Foresthill for approximately half a mile. Many Foresthill residents and other locals line the street to cheer the horses as they pass.

hw-49 (95.5) 8:30 pm - 4 am All but the front runners cross the highway in the dark, knowing that they are close to the finish at this point. It's dark, so viewing is limited. Please take care parking off the road (this is hw-49), and take extra care of traffic when on foot.

No Hands Bridge (96) 8:30 pm - 4 am No Hands is a magical spot on the ride - signifying that the journey is nearing its end - something that many riders say gives them pause for regret. You may park on hw-49 and hike the short distance in to view the horses crossing the bridge. Please do not hike up the trail - it is very narrow and we don't want anyone spooking off the side at this stage of the ride.

Auburn Fairgrounds (100) 9:15 pm - 5:30 am Entertainment and refreshments are provided in the McCann Stadium (for the ceremonial finish), and spectators may also sit on the hill at the Overlook (timed finish) to watch the horses and riders complete their 100 mile day.

* Times are based on 2019 rider times and may vary from year to year. Advise arriving early, so as to not miss the front runners. Note that approximately 50% of riders finish in the final hour or so of the ride, so although riders may be very spread out at the front, the back of the pack where you find the most activity and excitement.