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Official Hoof Boot

What began in 1970 with the invention of the Easyboot has since grown into a full line of hoof boots and natural hoof care products that protect the hoof, allow horses to cover rough terrain, act as a spare tire in case of a lost shoe, and aid in the treatment of laminitis and other hoof problems. EasyCare's hoof boot brands include the Easyboot Glove and the Easyboot Glue-On. The barefoot horse and Easyboot made history in 2010 when The Fury won the coveted Haggin Cup using Easyboot Glue-Ons. To learn more about Easyboot products, go to



Official Heart Rate Monitor

A new sponsor to the Tevis Cup family. More information to come.

Echo Valley Ranch

Official Hay and Feed Store

Decades of experience in the hay and feed business is what makes Echo Valley Ranch, Inc.the leader among feed stores in Northern California and is proud to be the "Official Hay and Feed Store of Tevis." Owner and President, Greg Kimler, and his staff make customer service and community support a priority and have practical experience with ranching, livestock and endurance horses. Echo Valley Ranch, Inc. is a full service hay, feed, and pet supply store, that also specializes in dog and cat food, bird seed, small animal food, shelters, fencing, feeders, tack, vet, and garden supplies. To see everything Echo Valley Ranch, Inc. has to offer, visit


Official Saddle Pad

Can a saddle pad improve your horse's performance? YES, if it is an Equipedic® Saddle Pad! A saddle pad that actually lowers the body surface temperature of your horse, increases the transcutaneous oxygen levels of your horse's back, increases energy levels, speeds muscle recovery, and eliminates saddle fit problems. All while protecting its back! All in an orthopedic, antic-slip, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, machine washable saddle pad!


Official Shoe

Equithotics, offers quality and innovative hoofwear products. Our Sneakers for Horses continue to lead the way in the performance and therapeutic horseshoe category. Our Rasp handles are the orthotic handle used around the world. Our Sandals for Horses are the quick and easy emergency protection solution.

Heritage Gloves

Official Glove

Heritage Gloves is a leading brand of equestrian riding gloves. We have over 33 years of experience in glove manufacturing. Top level riders from around the world use our gloves. We are proud sponsors of the Tevis Cup.


Official Ride Apparel

Since 1990, Kerrits Performance Equestrian Apparel has been committed to bringing functional riding apparel solution s to equestrians worldwide. Comfort, style and affordability are yours through the use of technically-advance fabrics and innovative design. Incorporating years of experience developing womens' activewear and a lifetime with horses, Kerrits continue their mission of empowering riders to feel comfortable and confident every day. We invite you to shop Kerrits' complete line of performance equestrian apparel for women and children at Enjoy the ride!

ReactorPanel Saddle Company

Official Saddle

The user-adjusted Reactor Panel Saddling System is the only saddle you cannot buy without testing. From the lightweight Heraldic to the secure Tribute Trail, there's a model to suit nearly every distance horse and rider. Riders report longer strides, lower heart rates, and better recoveries for their horses; and reduced pain and increased comfort for themselves. RP's industry-leading programs reflect the company's commitment to delighting customers with exemplary service and integrity.

Taylored Tack

Official Tack

For over a decade, Taylored Tack has been recognized for unique, beautifully-crafted, and well-fitting Beta® and Biothane® tack, the original synthetic tack webbing made in American since 1977. We produce the finest Beta® and Biothane® trail and endurance tack for customers across the USA and around the world. Taylored Tack is proudly "Made in the USA."

Tipperary Helmets
Tipperary Helmets

Official Helmet and Vest

Tipperary is dedicated to providing personal protective equipment designed for all levels and disciplines in the equestrian world. Build on the simple notion that equestrians are athletes, each product is made with maximum mobility, attention to comfort, and functional fit. Over 30 years ago the very first Equestrian Body Protector was developed by Phoenix Performance Products. Since then, Phoenix Performance Products has made it our mission to keep equine and rodeo athletes safe.


Official Farrier

Vettec is a family-owned company that pioneered the use of patented polyurethane materials for supporting, protecting, and restoring normal function to the equine foot. Their products include pour-in pad materials, custom shoe and foal extension materials, and restoratives for repairing hoof wall and glueing on shoes.

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Equsani offers new and innovative health and performance products for the equine industry! Equsani's quest is to develop and promote new care and nutritional horse products. We are thinking "out of the box" and working with leading scientists, Veterinarians, riders and companies in pursuing this quest.

Putting VISIBLE identification on your equine (and your canine) is the responsible thing to do. While microchips, etc. are excellent methods of permanent ID, having visible identification on your animal means it will be easier (and likely faster) for first responders to get him back home to you. I.C.E. Products USA is proud to provide you with high quality American made safety-focused equine/canine identification gear that will help protect (and reunite you with) your beloved animals.

Riding Warehouse

Riding Warehouse, "The New Home of Long Riders Gear", offers a wide selection of quality trail riding products, from endurance saddles and trailer ties, to the smallest helpful accessories for your saddle pack or crew bag. Long distance riders will value the friendly, experienced trail riding staff - and free shipping!

Texas Haynet Logo

Texas Haynet - Slow feed hay nets, waste no more with our round bale hay nets. Also available in square bale and small sizes.

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LMF Feeds Logo

LMF Feeds - Since 1981, LMF Feeds has been dedicated to providing high quality horse feeds for horsemen of the Western United States. Our feeds are manufactured in cooperation with two independently owned product facilities- one in Spokane, Washington and one in Keyes, California. LMF produces feeds for all equine disciplines with emphasis on using only the finest ingredients. By using more bio-available ingredients with higher concentrations of key nutrients, LMF Feeds can fed at relatively low intake levels.

Platinum Performance Logo

At Platinum Performance® we strive to improve lives through superior nutrition and unmatched personal service. For over two decades, Platinum Performance has been researching the role of nutrition to improve equine health with simple, yet powerful tools. Your horse’s health is our mission, and we look forward to serving you.


Sundowner of California is your #1 choice for first class trailers on the West Coast. We’ve listened to your needs and have stocked up on both new and used Living Quarters – Just in time for the first spring riding and upcoming summer camping trips to the coast. We’d like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to assist you with all your trailer needs, whether it be horse trailers, cargo, utility, equipment, motorsports, toy-haulers, pre-owned or parts and service. In the 25+ years of our family owned and operated business we are proud to say we are one of the largest trailer dealerships on the West Coast as well as having the largest selection of used Living Quarters! We are confident that you can find the trailer of your dreams in our inventory at any given time. 505 Hilltop Dr., Auburn Ca, 95603. (530) 887-9502.

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Affordable RVs Logo

Affordable RVs - has the right recreational vehicle for your next vacation or travel destination. All of our Luxury Coaches and Standard Coaches are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and features. Likewise, our Travel Trailers and Tent Trailers have all the latest features and amenities for a truly comfortable and fun adventure on the road.


Ropers - a family owned jewelry store with two locations in Auburn. Quality merchandise, expert repair services and unrivaled customer service make Roper’s Jewelers your hometown jeweler since 1956. We look forward to serving you and making your jewelry dreams come true.

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API Logo

We are a print and digital marketing company. We work primarily with non-profits, small businesses and associations in the western US. We are using e-mail, direct mail, signage or promotional products to elevate our clients message in a cohesive, timely and branded manner. By using these and other marketing channels we see the value improves exponentially with a multi-touch approach. One of our unique selling points is we fill the role in our clients comfort zone. Whatever level of involvement they want we can provide.

Mallard Creek Logo

Mallard Creek has been a premier manufacturer of equine bedding for over 30 years, providing unrivaled quality and selection to California, Nevada and Arizona. We create reliably comfortable, virtually dust-free, safe bedding for your horses. Our customer-first philosophy stands behind the integrity of the products and the service we offer. From equine bedding to landscape materials, bagged to bulk, Mallard Creek has you covered!

PersonaLaze It Logo

PersonaLazeIt - Providing high-quality custom imprinting - vinyl, screenprinting, embroidery, rhinestoning, co2 laser engraving services, and sublimation services - to one-off private individuals, companies and institutions alike. Creative and unusual design requests are not a problem.