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Since 1990 Kerrits Performance Equestrian Apparel has been committed to bringing functional riding apparel solutions to equestrians worldwide. Comfort, style & affordability are yours through the use of technically advanced fabrics and innovative design. Incorporating years of experience developing women’s activewear and a lifetime with horses, Kerrits continues their mission of empowering riders to feel comfortable and confident every day. We invite you to shop Kerrits complete line of performance equestrian apparel for women and children at www.kerrits.com. Enjoy the ride!


Can a saddle pad improve your horse's performance? YES, if it is an EquiPedic® SaddlePad! A saddle pad that actually lowers the body surface temperature of your horse, increases the transcutaneous oxygen levels of your horse's back, increases energy levels, speeds muscle recovery and eliminates saddle fit problems. All while protecting it's back! All in an orthopedic, anti-slip, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, machine washable saddle pad!

Phoenix Performance


Tipperary is dedicated to providing personal protective equipment designed for all levels and disciplines in the equestrian world. Built on the simple notion that equestrians are athletes, each product is made with maximum mobility, attention to comfort and functional fit.Over 30 years ago the very first Equestrian Body Protector was developed by Phoenix Performance Products. Since then, Phoenix Performance Products, has made it our mission to keep equine and rodeo athletes safe. www.phoenixperformance.com

Heritage Gloves

Heritage Gloves is a leading brand of Equestrian Riding gloves. We have over 33 years of experience in glove manufacturing. Top level riders from around the world use our gloves. We are proud sponsors of the 2017 TEVIS Cup.

Redmond Equine

When it comes to your horse’s health, we believe nature has it right. Redmond Equine provides natural salt and minerals mined right here in the USA that will help keep your horse healthy and happy.

Freedom Ice Wraps

A lifetime with design and manufacturing, including post surgical, compression, icing and cooling products for professional athletics and the health care industry.  Freedom Ice Wraps specially designed equine therapeutic ice wraps for mobility during rehabilitation and preventive care.  Our design contours the unique shapes of horse’s front/hind leg areas such as: Hock/Knee/Fetlock/Pastern, Coffin Joints and more. For your icing needs visit us at http://www.FreedomIceWraps.com/.

Taylored Tack

For over a decade, Taylored Tack has been recognized for unique, beautifully crafted and well fitting Beta® and BioThane® tack, the original synthetic tack webbing made in America since 1977. We produce the finest Beta® and BioThane® trail and endurance tack for customers across the USA and around the world. Taylored Tack is proudly “Made in the USA.”


Gold Level Store Sponsors

Horseware Ireland

Top Ten Blanket Provider: In 1985, the horse rug industry was changed forever with the establishment of Horseware® Products Ltd. by Tom and Carol MacGuinness. Tom’s determination to produce a rug that didn’t leak, didn’t make the horse sweat and didn’t slip led to the creation of the Rambo® Original – the first fully waterproof and breathable Turnout that really worked. Read more at Horseware Ireland.

Riding Warehouse

Riding Warehouse, "The New Home of Long Riders Gear", offers a wide selection of quality trail riding products, from endurance saddles and trailer ties, to the smallest helpful accessories for your saddle pack or crew bag. Long distance riders will value the friendly, experienced trail riding staff - and free shipping!


Equithotics, offers quality and innovative hoofwear products. Our Sneakers for Horses continue to lead the way in the performance and therapeutic horseshoe category. Our Rasp handles are the orthotic handle used around the world. Our Sandals for Horses are the quick and easy emergency protection solution.


Equsani offers new and innovative health and performance products for the equine industry! Equsani's quest is to develop and promote new care and nutritional horse products. We are thinking "out of the box" and working with leading scientists, Veterinarians, riders and companies in pursuing this quest.


Silver Level Store Sponsors

Auburn Labs

At Auburn Laboratories, Inc., our goal is to formulate revolutionary nutritional supplements that address the health and athletic needs of horses. Our premium formula, APF Pro, is the "go to" answer for support and protection of the immune system, digestion system, and muscle development for the world's best equine athletes.


Hammer Nutrition is a family owned, Made in USA company that provides unparallelled products, knowledge and service to health conscious athletes world-wide. Every product is 100% research based, extensively field tested, composed of the highest-quality ingredients, and manufactured in accord with the strictest manufacturing practices in the world. Hammer Nutrition—real endurance fuels and supplements, not candy!

Well Horse

Riders appreciate the unique qualities of Well Horse Natural Products to treat wounds, skin conditions and hoof issues. Well Horse Resin coagulates the blood and forms a barrier over wounds to protect them. It also treats and prevents “scratches”. Thrush Off kills thrush on contact, prevents thrush, heals cracked heels, as well as heals and prevents abscesses.


Horse Sense Solutions SayWhoa! to Impaction Colic. Horses may have digestion difficulties by simple acts of severe weather change, long rides, change in their routine or an abrupt change in the feed source. Keep on Hand – In Your Time of Need - It’s What You Do First. Located in over 700 stores in USA and in Canada. www.HorseSenseSolutions.com or call 800-448-8180.


Equine Enjoy Yums.  A healthy No sugar horse treat that your horse will love and you can feel good about feeding. Developed by Veterinarians with your horses health and well-being in mind.