The Road to the Start

Posted Monday, May 27, 2019 8:05pm

Ride Director Message

Tevis training is in full swing. It is always enjoyable to see riders training for Tevis at the west region 50-mile rides.  Weather has been cooler than normal here in the west.  All of us on the ride committee watch snow levels in the high country and continue to compare year-to-year numbers for patterns in snow melt for planning purposes.

This year’s snow levels, while significant, are behind those of 2017.  The ride date has been pushed back to August 17, which in one of the latest dates we have used for running the ride.  Therefore, I am confident we will start at Robie Park in August. 

Please note that the Western States Endurance Run is happening on Saturday, June 29 and avoid training rides on the trail during that time. If you are in the area, I would encourage you to go to the Placer High School Stadium to watch the runner arrive.  The bond between the runners and the riders continues to grow stronger as we support each other.  We actually have WSER participants and Board members managing some vet checks and stops at the Tevis this year.

chuckIt will be a great year to ride, so please remember the ride date is one month later than previously published, and ride your horse accordingly for the longer season.  If you are leasing a horse to ride in the Tevis, we strongly recommend that you check the horse’s record on the AERC website and do your due diligence in selecting your mount.

The Tevis committee does everything it can to make Tevis as safe and enjoyable as possible while maintaining the challenge of crossing the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 24 hours.

The opportunity to support trail maintenance and development is a huge benefit to the organization and is achieved by participation in the Signature Rider Program.  Signature riders receive an $800 tax-deductible donation letter in addition to some amazing, high quality swag.  If you have questions regarding this program, please email Linda Glazier at  We encourage you to be part of this program.

If you need:

Assistance with your entry, please email Jean Hixon ( at the Tevis office. She staffs the office on Tuesday of each week with increasing frequency the two weeks prior to the ride date.

Tevis rules, please email Jeff Herten ( serving as the head of the Cup Committee.

The ride in general please email me, Chuck Stalley at, as I am serving as the Ride Director.

Stabling at the fairgrounds, please email Suzi Souza at

Volunteering on ride day, please email Sesi Catalano at

Tevis sponsorship, please email Denise Fissel at

Vendor information, please email Pam Stalley at

Tevis Store, go to the Tevis web site ( where you will be supporting the ride with your shopping dollars—remember to thank your support crews with Tevis merch!

Signature Rider or questions regarding this program, please email Linda Glazier at

International Rider questions (for riders as well as their sponsors) are also served by Linda Glazier.   If you are an international rider, please be sure to communicate to us who your host is so we may be in contact.  Linda does an outstanding job and would love to have your host’s information.

From all of us at Tevis, we wish you safe and happy training.

Happy trails!
Chuck Stalley
2019 Ride Director


Trail Update

trailThe new trail stewardship program is in place and working well. Trail segment leaders and their teams have been diligently working hard to clear downed trees and brush trail. The trail is currently clear from swinging bridge to the finish. There is a larger volunteer group trail work and camp out on the trail July 6-7. For more information visit

If you notice any trail issues please continue to report them with a photo and Gps location or mileage marker to Nicole Wertz at or note on official Tevis Facebook page so the WST team can get it taken care of.


Nicole (Chappell) Wertz

(916) 296-1461






trackerRiders!  Sign up for SPOT GPS tracking (or use your own device) rental for the ride.  A live tracking map will reflect your progress on ride day – your crew, friends and family will know



JULY 12 - 14, 2019

There is still room!

The Tevis Educational Ride is NOT full! Life and horse issues make for cancellations which makes room for YOU.  ENTER NOW!

In addition to two days of riding that covers over 50 miles of the trail from Robinson’s Flat to Franciscos, speakers will cover a wide range of topics. We promise you will drive home with the tools you need to make the best decisions during training, on the Tevis ride day, and after the ride to help your horse recover even stronger.

We are happy to announce that Dr Kathleen Crandell from Kentucky Equine Research will be speaking on Friday. Learn how to best fuel the engine of your amazing equine for ride day. Learn how to enhance recovery through optimum nutrition.

We hope to open basecamp at Chicken Hawk on Thursday for early arrivals. Camp will be open until noon on Monday.



hylofit logoHylofit named as the Official Heart Rate Monitor for the Tevis Ride.

The Western States Trail Foundation, organizer of the 100 mile Tevis Ride, is thrilled to announce Hylofit as the official heart rate monitor of the 2019 Tevis.  Hylofit, the wearable performance tracker for horse and rider, will generously provide a 10% discount on the Hylofit system for all Tevis competitors and volunteers as part of the new collaboration (enter discount code HYLOTEVIS).  

Hylofit is a real-time wearable performance tracking system for horse and rider that monitors heart rate and other metrics to improve training results and understand the physical and emotional state of the horse.  Using the Hylofit Apple Watch app, the rider can quickly and safely monitor the horse’s heart rate, distance and zone intensity to make training adjustments from the saddle.  For more information on Hylofit for Endurance riders, check out 5 time Tevis rider Kristine Hartman’s experience:

  “Hylofit is very excited to partner with Tevis as a sponsor and in support of the sport of Endurance.  Given the particular focus on conditioning and the time spent training in the saddle that the sport demands, we think Hylofit is a perfect fit for this partnership,” said Kate McGuinn Motley, co-founder of Hylofit.  For more information on Hylofit:

Link to the Tevis discount: