Spring is Here - Let the Training Begin! [February Newsletter]

Posted Monday, March 2, 2020 7:03pm



Hello Everyone,

It is February 2020, and riders are starting to think about the Tevis which is on August 1st this year. I want to wish all of you good luck in your training and remind everyone that Tevis is over 5 months away. You do not need to have your horse Tevis fit in April or May. Plan your training accordingly so your horse is peaked for Tevis on August 1st. 

There was a Tevis rules committee meeting this week and two issues were discussed at length. One issue had to do with juniors and their sponsors. We discussed our current rule and decided we liked as it is with a slight change in the  understanding as to when juniors can change sponsors. Additionally, the rules committee is going to propose that all junior sponsors must be at least 21 years old. 

The second rule had to do with what rides and miles would be recognized for riders to meet the minimum mileage qualification of 300 miles completed before a rider could enter Tevis. We understand that there are rides today that do not meet the requirement of being a 50 miles in length. Our goal is to have riders be able to utilize these rides cumulatively to count towards the qualifications needed to ride Tevis. I believe everyone will find our proposed qualifications to be accommodating but still adequate to achieve our goal that riders that are prepared and capable to successfully ride Tevis.  

These were discussions and proposals by the rules committee that must be approved by the Board of Governors.

Hopefully, I will see all of you at Tevis in 2020.

Tony Benedetti 




Teams are in place and work has begun to insure another well-organized Tevis Ride for 2020.  The dates on our calendars continue to fill up with volunteer days for trail work, meetings with USFS and State Parks Personnel, verifying logistics, volunteer outreach and coordination, as well as Robie Park preparation (as a few examples).

The week before the Ride is known as “Ride Week”.  These days are filled with tradition, celebration and enthusiasm for the fulfillment of what will soon become destinies for our riders, horses, management and volunteers. On Tuesday of Ride Week, Robie Park officially opens as the volunteers for our base camp and starting location begin arriving in the afternoon.  Horse water will be available from Saturday, July 25 to Saturday, August 1. Please bring potable drinking water with you and others in your team who will stay at Robie Park.  On Friday the 31st our caterer will again provide tri tip lunches for sale in the registration area. The ever-popular pasta dinner will also be available for purchase prior to the mandatory pre ride briefing near the Pavilion.

For people who would like to volunteer for one of the critical 800 volunteer positions, please go to teviscup.org to complete a volunteer registration form. Let us know if you are a rider and can take pulses, keep the mashes going for horses in a hurry, or are interested in keeping water flowing to cool out hot horses. We are always looking for experienced horse transport drivers who have a well-maintained rig to help with getting pulled horses to assigned destinations (as determined by veterinarians and ride management). Please send us your information by completing the form on line.  Go to the “How to Help” tab on the teviscup.org website, click on the “Volunteer Sign Up” form, complete the requested information and click “send”.  Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you, and you are on the team. Become part of the magic of Tevis—it’s just that easy. 

Riders, please feel free to enter the Tevis early. One of the perks for doing so is that you get to choose a stall location in the fairgrounds at the finish. The last couple of years the stalls have filled up, so please consider entering early. For large rigs, the North lot is available at $25 dollars a night (3-night minimum) and those spots sell out early as well. In both of these options, your ride entry must accompany your reservation.

If you have a special request, please email or call the office. Jean Hixon will route your request to the correct person. Don't be shy about asking for help or directions, we have had many varied requests and can usually assist with meeting them. Also, hotels in Auburn fill up early for Tevis weekend. So if you need a reservation, please book lodging early. 

On behalf of the 29 members of the Western States Board of Governors, the ride committee and the community of Auburn, we look forward to seeing you at the 2020 Tevis Cup Ride!

Chuck Stalley

Ride Director



trailsSnow is already melting!!! There is still snow on the trail above Foresthill so the trail is not open in the high country yet but is expected by mid-June.

Temp Trail Closure for trail repairs – Equestrians are not advised to ride on the trail between Deadwood and El Dorado Creek until a repair is made in early May. The trail is unsafe for horses. Please stay off this trail segment.

Current Trail Work Dates

Note: Thanks to amazing trail segment leaders and their trails teams, only SOME dates need additional help. Volunteers may signup at http://wstrail.org/signup/ . Please refrain from riding these particular areas when trail work is scheduled – thank you.


  • Pacific Slab Mine 4/11
  • El Dorado/Volcano Canyons 4/18-4/19
  • Pucker Point 5/17 or 5/2/3
  • Red Star Ridge to Robinson Flat 5/30-5/31
  • WSER Duncan Diversion Campout and trail work weekend 6/19-6/20

Upcoming Events on portions of WS Trail Please refrain from riding these particular areas when other events are scheduled – thank you.

  • 3/7 Way to Cool 50k Run
  • 3/14 Pioneer Spirit 50mi Run
  • 3/29 Ruck A Chuck 50k Run
  • 4/4 American River 50mi Run
  • 4/18 American River 50mi RIDE
  • 4/25 The Canyons 100k Run



BUCKLENow is the time to enter the 2020 Tevis as a Signature Rider! This is our continuing effort to provide enriched opportunities for riders that would like to give back to the WS trail that means so much to all. The $1500 entry includes your buckle upon successful completion of the ride as well as a swag bag of wonderful goodies. It also includes an $800 donation letter for your tax records. Let’s make this year the most Signature riders ever!! Know that through this entry you are helping the WSTF continue the preservation of the WORLD FAMOUS TEVIS TRAIL !!!! You will not regret it.

Linda Glazier /Chairwoman Signature Rider- International Rider Program



July 3-5

ALL the info - Including the entry form - is up and running, click here !