Tevis Cup – Five Months and Counting!

Posted Thursday, March 2, 2017 8:03pm

Ride Director’s Message

March 9, 2017

The 2017 ride season should be in full swing, but out here in the west someone forgot to tell Mother Nature.  In March we have close to a record snowpack in the Sierra Mountains which keeps trail repair crews off the trails as well as the equestrians from training on the trail in these early days of the season.  There are trees down on the trail in the canyons that will not be removed until April. On the positive side that keeps the erosion to a minimum from horse traffic on wet trails.
I expect the snow pack to melt in time to allow us to use the historic trail on the August 5 ride date. If the snow pack makes it impossible to use the trail through the Granite Chief Wilderness area, an alternate trail would be used. This would most likely pick up the historic trail in the area of Robinson Flat and follow the traditional trail to Auburn. It is too early in the season to speculate what the conditions will be in August.

Tevis has had a great relationship with Calstar air flight rescue company. Calstar has been sold and is now part of the AirMedCare network. This company has greatly increased the geographic service area for members, and a yearly subscription is available at the group rate of $55 to each rider, crew member and volunteer involved with Tevis. Past Tevis group members will get their renewal letters in the mail and new members can subscribe by calling 800 793 0010 or visiting their website at membership@airmedcarenetwork.com.  Please remember to mention Tevis to receive the Tevis group rate of $55.

We are delighted to get the ride chart results out for the AERC conference. Last year’s Tevis riders will get their copies mailed to them directly next week. A great deal of information can be gained from studying these charts whether you are riding to win or riding to finish. The WSTF Board of Governors would like to give a big Thank You to Kathie Perry and Phil Gardner for all the hard work and dedication they put into pulling the data together to create this ride chart for riders to use in planning their future ride pacing. If you know someone who needs a copy, please call the WSTF office.

Tevis is offering a free entry to the winning essay from a sixty-year-old or older first-time rider who would like to ride in 2017. Please refer to the Tevis website for more details of the contest. This contest is a result of the inspirational 2016 Tevis experience of 75-year-old Jessie Caswell. Jessie's story of his ride to a top ten finish (as well as all other top ten riders) is covered in the Tevis article in the September 2016 Arabian Horse World as well as in the 2017 Tevis Forum which will be out in June.

I hope to see you out on the trails and at the rides.

Enjoy the journey,
Chuck Stalley


Tevis Talks - June 7th 2017

Tevis Talks brings you Pat Parelli! June 7th at the State Theater in Auburn – a limited number of gold-level tickets include an intimate hour-long chat with the famous clinician.

Featuring Pat Parelli

At the State Theater in Auburn - 985 Lincoln Ave


  •  Doors open at 6- no host bar
  •  Show starts at 7:30 PM


  •  General Admission Tickets $ 22.00
  •  Gold Level Tickets* $ 175.00
  •  *includes preferred seating, appetizers, cocktails and an hour with Pat – limited to 15 people

Available for purchase online through the Tevis Store.



Trail Volunteers Badly Needed to Repair Storm Damage

Please sign up at www.wstrails.org or e-mail wstftrail@gmail.com.

The Tevis Cup Ride relies on the availability and good repair of the Western States Trail for its very existence. The Trails Committee works year round, but especially in late Spring/early Summer before the Ride, to repair damage wrought by Winter weather or the effects of trail use. This year's especially wet winter is going to bring many trail repair projects and challenges for us. We need lots of volunteers to donate time to help with trail work so we are asking for your dedication to trail stewardship and trail preservation. Each year there are special projects to improve or re-route sections of the trail that are considered unnecessarily difficult. Trail work is usually done on Saturdays and Sundays, and is generally scheduled a few weeks in advance. Please log onto www.wstrails.org to sign up for a trail work date. There are May dates listed that are already filling up or contact Nicole (Chappell) Wertz a twstftrail@gmail.com to be placed on a WSTF trail volunteer contact list.

Thank You - the WSTF Trails Committee


Please stay off trails above Foresthill until the end of May when repair will make them safe again. Also – send information on needed trail repair to wstftrail@gmail.com.

Please refrain from riding on trails above Foresthill until post winter trail repair work is able to be done which is usually in mid to late May. It is not safe to ride up there this time of year with snow and downed trees. Also, if you are on a training ride and notice any areas in need of repair, please drop a pin for GPS location and trail description and email wstftrail@gmail.com so we can be sure to keep track and have a trail team address the area.

Thank you for your efforts in keeping our trail usable and safe.



The Tevis Educational Ride is filling up!

Enter now if you want to ride the trail – July 7-9, 2017!

Tevis Educational Ride Update

July 7 - 9, 2017

Excitement over the Tevis Educational Ride this year has been explosive. Already the longer Day 1 option (from Robinson to Foresthill) is full and a wait list is being taken.  The shorter Day 1 option (mentored ride fromm Foresthill to Michigan Bluff and back) and the Day 2 (Foresthill to the Finish line) are unlimited. 

Nearly half of the entries are from out of state and include riders from as far afield as North Carolina and Alaska!

Once you've entered, you will be invited to join the Tevis Educational Ride Facebook group. Riders, volunteers and mentors are already getting to know one another and coordinating their shuttle arrangements to Robinson's, the start, on day 1 and to the finish in Auburn Day 2.

Volunteers to work the event are welcome and essential. As a volunteer you will be assigned a job that works best for you. You're invited to camp on site, listen to all the educational talks, and enjoy the yummy barbecue on Saturday evening at no cost. We will also add you to the Facebook group.

The Educational Ride entry and flyer can be downloaded from the Tevis website.

Questions? Contact Lori Stewart, ride manager, at lpurdum1@gmail.com.

Hope we see you in July!!



Dreams Don't Die

Are you 60 years of age or older?

Would you like to win an entry to the 2017 Tevis Cup Ride?

Through the generous donation of a fellow horseman WSTF is offering an entry to the world famous Tevis Cup 100 Mile Ride.  The entry will be awarded to a first-time rider(have not attempted Tevis before) who is 60 years of age or older and has successfully completed the Tevis Cup mileage requirement as of May 1, 2017. 

We want to hear about your dream of riding the Tevis Cup!

To enter the contest, in 500 words or less tell us about yourself, your horse and your journey together as a team.  Please share the experiences that you feel have prepared you for this challenge.  Let us know the impact this entry will have on reaching your dream of participating in the legendary Tevis Cup. 

Entries must be postmarked by May 20th, 2017.  The winning rider will officially be announced on June 7th 2017.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

More info here.



The Tevis Store had a successful go at Horse Expo in Pomona!

Come see us at the AERC convention this weekend (March 10 and 11) in Dallas, Texas!



Welcome new Tevis sponsors - Freedom Ice Wraps "Official Ice Wrap of Tevis 2017"


Taylored Tack "Official Tack of Tevis 2017"!

Freedom Ice Wraps have become the "Official Ice Wrap of Tevis 2017"! These great products can be purchased on-line at The Tevis Store. Don't forget, all proceeds of the Tevis store go directly back to the trail! Guilt-free shopping!

See more about Freedom Ice Wraps at www.freedomicewraps.com.

Please welcome Taylored Tack! This is an exciting new sponsor for 2017. Incredible high quality tack made in the USA. As the "Official Tack of Tevis 2017", Taylored Tack will be featured at this year’s ride. Learn more about their wonderful line of beautiful tack at www.tayloredtack.com.



GPS Trackers are back for 2017!

Team is working on adjustments to improve the experience.

The WSTF BOG has agreed to partner with TrackLeaders again in 2017. GPS tracking units will be available for lease – riders will be able to sign up online for the tracker or pay at Robie. All trackers will be distributed along with zip ties to affix them at Robie.

Look for sign up information on www.teviscup.org on or before June 1, 2017.

We are reviewing the experience in 2016 and working on improvements. If you have any suggestions to make, please e-mail pr@teviscup.org.