Tevis Cup 2017 – History in the Making (Latest Newsletter)

Posted Tuesday, May 16, 2017 2:05pm


tony benedetti

It is now middle of May and I was told that it might snow in the Sierra next week. This is the winter that will not end. I also saw on the forecast that it will be in the 90s next weekend. This is why the Ride Director and Committee are planning for all contingencies based on trail availability.

As I have stated previously, there is a strong possibility that the Tevis will start in Soda Springs in 2017.  However, there is still a possibility that the Tevis could start at the traditional start at Robie Equestrian Park. We are also not sure if we can cross the American River. What I do know is that The Ride Director is planning ahead. There was a conference call last week with all the groups necessary to start in Soda Springs so that planning is well underway. The trail to avoid the crossing the American River has been scouted and mapped and we are working on finalizing that contingency.

Parts of the Tevis Cup Ride in 2017 may not be on the traditional trail but Lyon Ridge, Cougar Rock, Robinson Flat, Swinging Bridge, Michigan Bluff, Foresthill, and Franciscos will all be part of the 2017 ride. The start may be different, eliminating Watsons Monument and Granite Chief, and the eight miles after Franciscos could be different eliminating No Hands Bridge. The riders will still experience the canyons and at least 70 miles of the traditional trail.

My point in this message is that if an alternate trail is used in 2017, it will still be to the standards of the traditional ride. The challenge of the ride will be equal to traditional Tevis, and much of the traditional trail will be used. Years from now, riders who rode the Tevis in 2017 will get to say, I rode Tevis the year that it started in Soda Springs and didn't cross the American River. It will be memorable. I enjoy the stories told by the riders who rode the Tevis in 1983 which was the only other time Tevis started in Soda Springs. They tell of crossing snow banks on Lyon Ridge and that the snow reached the eves of the restrooms in Robinson Flat. The trail for the 1983 ride was changed two weeks before the start because they expected to start in Squaw Valley. Late snows after a heavy winter made crossing the Sierra impossible and a different course was laid out at the last minute. The 2017 Ride Committee is planning for alternatives months ahead of race day.

I can't tell you today what trail is going to be used for the Tevis in 2017, but I will tell you that it will be a memorable ride because it will be different.

Tony Benedetti


WSTF BOG takes action and creates a coalition among WSTF, ACE (Action Coalition for Equestrians) and the Heritage Foundation to remodel the 30-stall horse barn at Gold Country Fairgrounds

The proud barn renovation team.
The proud barn renovation team

By the first of the year, meetings and planning wrapped up and funding came through for the renovation project of Barn C at the Gold Country Fairgrounds. Our crew removed the doors and siding, pressure washed the inside before paint, lowered the inside dividers and added back 5' 5” rail panels to the outside of the stalls for improved ventilation. The lighting is being rewired and LED lights were added with outlets for fans. Thirty yards of decomposed granite was spread by hand in the thirty stalls. Road base was also added to the outside of the west end of the barn for improved drainage. This was done with help of inmates from the Placer County Jail.

Chuck Mather, Bill Johnson, Duane Stalley, Jim Mather and Chuck Stalley all assisted contractor Dave VanWicklin with the construction components of the project. Greg Kimler, Don Ales and Judy Sutter have helped with planning and design.

The much cooler (take that both ways) horse barn is expected to be up and usable by June 1st.

Reaction to the barn improvement has been outstanding—lots of back slapping and “attaboys” went along with the hard work. Of course, when you make something look this good, the next natural step is a request to keep on remodeling the rest of the barns.

That would be a project for another year, as we are now focused on the task of deciding on some alternate trails for this year’s Tevis if all that snow does not melt by August 5th.

Chuck Stalley



Design of Kathie Perry's tile.
The design of Kathie's tile
in Auburn's Endurance Zone

The Auburn Endurance Capital Committee is proud to announce that in 2017 Kathie Perry's contributions will be eternally (permanently?) honored with a commemorative tile.

In April 2003 the Auburn City Council declared Auburn as the "Endurance Capital of the World".

The city square of Auburn, located at High St and Lincoln Way, is a public gathering place that has revitalized downtown Auburn. The site offers seating, art, interpretive signs, and a fire circle. There is an Endurance Zone where commemorative tiles showcase citizens who have made significant contributions to endurance sports.

The Auburn Endurance Capital Committee is proud to announce that in 2017 Kathie Perry's contributions will be permanently honored with a commemorative tile.

A dedication ceremony is tentatively planned for the week before the ride in the city square. An official date and time will be posted on the Tevis Facebook page. Stay tuned! Please join us to honor Kathie Perry's many contributions to the sport of endurance riding.



tevis talks flyer

Tevis Talks Features Pat Parelli on June 7th!  Doors open at 6:00 PM, no host bar, show starts at 7:30. See you at the Auburn State Theater (985 Lincoln Ave in Auburn)!

Tickets can be purchased easily online at the Tevis Store (http://www.teviscup.org/the-tevis-store). Tevis Talks is a fundraiser for WSTF and all ticket costs are tax deductible.

Two levels of tickets are still available;

  • Gold tickets are going for $175.00 and include preferred seating as well as appetizers and cocktails with Pat Parelli in the green room for an hour prior to the show.
  • General admission tickets are $22.00



Community outreach for trail stewardship and trail volunteer help needed.  You can earn hours for WSTF just by pre-riding the trail!

The Tevis Cup relies on the Western States Trail being maintained and worked on annually. Thousands of hours are spent, mostly by wonderful hard working, time giving volunteers consisting of a few friends of the trail, many runners participating in the Western States Endurance Run (WSER Requires mandatory 8hr volunteer service for all entrants), U.S. Forest Service and CA State Parks Department. While the ride does not have a requirement for volunteer time to ride, it is VERY important to realize how important Trail Stewardship is to maintaining the ride trail. This year's trail will need more maintenance than ever due to this winter's record breaking rain and snowfall amounts and potential alternate trail routes that may need to be utilized. If you or you know someone willing and able to do trail work then please help us by signing up for a trail work event on the Joint Trail team website www.wstrail.org and follow the link to sign up for volunteer trail work dates.

trail work in progress

It is also important to note that the ride relies heavily on USFS and State Parks funding to help maintain our trails. A requirement of the funding is for WSTF to provide them with volunteer matching through hours spent on the trail scouting and doing volunteer trail maintenance work. For anyone willing to take the time to do so, you may not even realize that ANY hours you spend on a training ride where you possibly encounter a trail hazard, or an area of trail needing repair or downed trees please log the hours spent, take photos of the area, GPS mark key locations by dropping a pin on your cell phone and email to wstftrail@gmail.com. This helps us gain volunteer match hours along with prioritize, identify, plan and make repairs necessary in order to keep our trail safe. 

If you have any questions please email Nicole Chappell Wertz at wstftrail@gmail.com



Come join the fun and Tevis magic. There is something for all of us.

A chance to learn, serve, prepare a horse, and feel the magic of Tevis!

Event Dates: July 7, Friday through July 9, Sunday

ed ride riders
Tevis Ed Ride riders having a blast.

Day 1 Long ride through the canyons to Foresthill from Robinson's Flat is FULL with fifteen riders on the wait list. All entered riders must demonstrate a fitness level of 50 miles of AERC endurance or limited distance miles by the end of June and must arrange for a shuttle driver to the start of day one and the end of day two.

Day 1 Short ride, easy start to the weekend, is an open entry option packed with post ride classroom time full of invaluable information and tips for Tevis success. No trailer transport needed. A full value option.

Day 2 No limit on entries. Riders experience the California loop trail from Foresthill to either Auburn (river level dependent) or to the Francisco's vet check and on to Driver's Flat riding a part of the alternate trail that the Tevis may use on this snow year.

If you can't ride this year, VOLUNTEER. Your service is needed and deeply appreciated. We need vet check volunteers, shuttle drivers, and smiley faces to help make this event a success and fun for everyone. Contact me privately if you can lend a hand.

All your questions and offers to volunteer can be directed to Lori Stewart, event manager, at


More info here http://www.teviscup.org/educational-ride-2017.



Knowledge + Experience = Success !!

(Not to mention an amazing experience.)

happy volunteers in pink
Volunteering is too much fun.

Too much mud and snow to train your Tevis horse this year? Want to help horses and riders complete the trail from Truckee to Auburn? Just want to be part of the excitement?

Why not volunteer for Tevis this year?

There are opportunities for all levels of experience and skill, from P & R to Parking, Helping mark trail to Horse Transport, Timing to Trailside Equipment deployment and retrieval, Cooling horses to Clean up, and much more.

No experience necessary! For more information and to sign up, go to: http://www.teviscup.org/contact/volunteer_signup



Get your sneakers on before the ride! Equithotics will be at the Gold Country Fairgrounds on Wednesday, August 2nd.

equithotics sneakers for horses

Kirk and associates will be working at the fairgrounds on Wednesday, August 2nd and can take up to 10 horses.  Fees will be $250 for sneakers all the way around, $300 if glued.  Appointments are necessary.  Please contact kirk@equithotics.com.  

More information on Equithotics.

Also, please note that Kirk will be speaking at the Educational Ride on Saturday, July 8th around 2:00 PM!