It's 2021 - What Next?

Posted Sunday, February 21, 2021 7:02pm

President Message


Plans are going forward to put on the ride. Numbers of Covid-19 new cases and hospitalizations have leveled off and begun to dip. The administration is planning a huge vaccination push in the next several months. It is possible that we could see things open up by early summer. Nothing would make us happier than to see 180 horses at the start Robie Park. Train like you mean it, and carry a rabbit's foot in your saddle pack. 

Jeff Herten


Ride Director Message


As a member of the Board of Governors and the Director of the Ride, I hold Tevis traditions and the effort to sustain and preserve them close to my heart.  Then Covid 19 happened, and we are all struggling with what that means.  What is normal anymore, and we’ve seen how fragile traditions are as we reconstructed our holiday season across the nation and the world.


Usually the Ride Director’s message goes over what to expect at Tevis: the Ride Week, traditions, the check in at Robie, the awards banquet on Sunday, etc.  I think we should keep it simple.  ENTER EARLY!! Our numbers may be limited by government regulations, local agencies, and property owners. We will maintain and post the rider list as entries are logged in at the office. Our whole organization is committed to starting as many riders on the morning of July 24, 2021, as permits and circumstances allow.


For people who would like to volunteer for one of the critical 800 volunteer positions, please go to to complete a volunteer registration form. Let us know if you are a rider and can take pulses, keep the mashes going for horses in a hurry, or are interested in keeping water flowing to cool out hot horses. We are always looking for experienced horse transport drivers who have a well-maintained rig to help with getting pulled horses to assigned destinations (as determined by veterinarians and ride management). Please send us your information by completing the form on line.  Go to the “How to Help” tab on the website, click on the “Volunteer Sign Up” form, complete the requested information and click “send”.  Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you, and you are on the team. Become part of the magic of Tevis—it’s just that easy. 


If you have a special request, please email or call the office. Jean Hixon will route your request to the correct person. Don't be shy about asking for help or directions, we have had many varied requests and can usually assist with meeting them. Also, hotels in Auburn fill up early for Tevis weekend. So if you need a reservation, please book lodging early. 


On behalf of the 29 members of the Western States Board of Governors, the ride committee and the community of Auburn, we look forward to seeing you at the 2021 Tevis Cup Ride!

Chuck Stalley


Trail Update

Cal Loop Trail access from Mosquito Ridge Road downtrail is currently NOT accessible for any trail users for the first 2 miles of trail.

Please be patient and avoid this area while the WS Trails Team meets with landowners and determines an amicable solution to reopening the trail.



Please note:  The number of Tevis starters in 2021 will depend on several factors that are beyond the control of ride management. The number of participants in Tevis in 2021 may be limited by the usable area at the Robinson Flat vet check due to hazardous tree logging by the US Forest Service. Additionally, ride management does not know if restrictions may be placed on Tevis by land owners, the US Forest Service, or the Auburn State Recreation Area due to concerns with Covid-19.  Because of these factors, Tevis wants to be clear about how the entry list was ranked and how it will be updated. All entrants are listed in the order entries were received by the Tevis office whether by post mail or email. This ranking will be posted on the Tevis website and will only change when there are entrant withdrawals. We will not know the number of starters allowed until we are much closer to the actual ride date. Thank you for your understanding during these unusual times.   

See Rider List Here

Virtually Awesome


2020 held a lot of surprises, some less pleasant than others.  But the Tevis Cup Virtual Ride may stand as the most pleasant of all.  

Over 1600 entries and a completion rate of 77.5% (imagine that!) reflected a lot of people finding a way to have fun, participate in something larger than the small world they were constrained to and support our beautiful, historic trail.

We were all simply speechless at the results - see them here.


Attention All Riders

Now is the time to upgrade and become a SIGNATURE RIDER!! This is our continuing effort to provide enriched opportunities for riders that would like to give back to the trail that means so much to us all ! The $1,500 entry fee includes your buckle upon successful completion of the ride as well as a swag bag of wonderful goodies. It also includes an $800 letter of donation for your tax records. Please see the entry online or sign up today. We already have 15 committed riders and our goal is 30.Help us reach that and know that you are participating in preservation and improvement of the world famous TEVIS TRAIL !!!!!


Consider the Forum!


Have you heard about the Tevis Forum?  It's the beautiful yearly publication which highlighting all things Tevis.  Full color, and approximately 60 pages, filled with photos, stories, and information regarding the ride, and endurance related products and services.  The 2021 Tevis Forum is in the planning stages as we speak.  It will have its usual historical articles and this year will be highlighting the tremendously successful 2020 Virtual Ride Event.  If you have a great story, or a cool photo of yourself, your horse, or your friends participating in this event, please email them to for possibly inclusion in this year's edition.

The Tevis Forum goes out to more than 6,000 people worldwide.   If you, or someone you know, would like to support the Forum by running an advertisement, please contact Marisa Dardi at or Jerry Wittenauer at   If you would like to be listed as a Benefactor (under your farm name, your horse's name, etc.) or perhaps you want to remember that special equine with an in "Memoriam" notation, follow this link [] to find out how.


Tevis Educational Ride | July 2 - 4, 2021

Entries will be available on the Tevis Website in early April. Our goal is 40 entries coached by 20 mentors. USFS guidelines will be followed.

  • Friday’s highlight is a 5-mile night ride to Michigan Bluff and back to our Chicken Hawk basecamp.
  • Saturday, you’ll ride with a mentor from Robinson’s Flat back to Chicken Hawk - 28 miles
  • Sunday, you’ll ride with a mentor from Chicken Hawk basecamp to the Franscisco’s VC then up to Driver’s Flat for transport back to basecamp. 24 miles

Contact Lori Stewart if you can mentor or volunteer to help make 2021 a great success!