2021 Tevis Cup Rider List

Posted Thursday, April 22, 2021 11:04pm

Updated June 7, 2021 - 193 riders.

All entrants are listed in the order entries were received by the Tevis office whether by post mail or email.
This ranking will be posted on the Tevis website and will only change when there are entrant withdrawals.

We will not know the number of starters allowed until we are much closer to the actual ride date.

Our current rider list for 2021:

> Rider List

The number of Tevis starters in 2021 will depend on several factors that are beyond the control of ride management:

  • The number of participants may be limited by the usable area at the Robinson Flat vet check
    due to hazardous tree logging by the US Forest Service.
  • Additionally, ride management does not yet know if restrictions may be placed on us by
    land owners, the US Forest Service, or the Auburn State Recreation Area due to Covid-19 concerns.

Because of these factors, Tevis wants to be clear about how the entry list was ranked and how it will be updated. Thank you for your understanding during these unusual times.