Tevis Educational Ride - 2021

Posted Saturday, March 13, 2021 9:03pm

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July 2-4, 2021

  • Friday: Vet-in; Mentor Assignments; 5 Mile Night Ride to Michigan Bluff for Ice Cream
  • Saturday: Robinson Flat to Chicken Hawk - 28 miles, including the Canyons
  • Sunday: Chicken Hawk to Driver’s Flat - 24 miles, including the section of Tevis trail ridden at night

As Last Year:

  • Basecamp at Chicken Hawk

  • No qualifying miles for Tevis will be awarded

New for This Year:

  • New shuttle driver arrangements - several options to choose from with a tiered entry fee (see below)

  • A 5 mile night ride to enjoy the magic you would experience during Tevis

The Event:

The Educational Ride is aimed at riders wishing to participate in the Tevis Cup Ride in the future; to give riders a true look into the beauty of the trail and its challenges; to educate future Tevis riders as to best practices and horse care to help them successfully complete the Ride. The Tevis Educational Ride offers an opportunity to prepare for those challenges in a non-competitive environment.

2019 Stats:
35 riders entered the Educational Ride
13 of those riders went to Tevis
11 were first-time Tevis riders
10 riders finished, for a 77% completion rate

Mentors: The Tevis trail is amazingly beautiful from mile 1 to 100! But it is also relentlessly challenging. Pre-riding the trail greatly increases your enjoyment and chances of finishing. After completing the Educational Ride you will have seen the toughest 50+ miles. You will ride with an experienced Tevis finisher who will share ways to successfully navigate the canyons Day 1. On Day 2 they will share ways of confidently riding the narrow cliffy trail below Foresthill. We will make every effort to accommodate fitness and experience levels. You will be paired with your mentor on Friday afternoon and we purposely keep the entries low (40) so the mentor-to-entrant ratio is 1 mentor per 2-3 riders.

We purposely keep the entries low (40) so the mentor to entrant ratio is 1 mentor per 2-3 riders.

Fitness Requirement (Horse): Between January 1, 2019 and June 22, 2021
your horse must complete 50 miles of AERC Limited Distance or Endurance miles
or a similar sanctioning organization. Horse and rider fitness is a must!


Base Camp will be located at Chicken Hawk the site of the mile 64 Tevis Vet Check. It is a beautiful shaded camping area about 7 miles (15 to 20 minute drive) past the Foresthill and located 1/2 mile off Michigan Bluff Rd. The turn off to camp will be well marked. Horse water and restrooms will be provided. Camp sites are level and shaded but limited in number. We are working with the USFS to increase capacity. Please share your rig/campsite with another rider if at all possible.

The Tevis Cup Official Education Ride Facebook Page promises to be a good resource to find a campsite partner. Please note: You are not required to have a campsite partner when you enter.

Road map from Auburn to Chicken Hawk

Entry Fee:

The entry fee covers two days of mentored riding; the night ride and ice cream social; shuttle service (as outlined below); all talks and demonstrations beginning Friday afternoon (details to be announced closer to the event); and the Saturday evening meal.

If you do not ride both days, the cost of your second day's entry will be converted to a tax deductible donation to the WSTF.

Tiered Cost - Drivers:
Educational Ride participants will need to be shuttled at the start of Day 1 to Robinson Flat, and again, shuttled back at the end of Day 2 from Driver's Flat. To reduce the usual stresses associated with finding a driver for this event, we offer a tiered entry fee:

  • $375 - A driver and rig will be provided to shuttle you and your horse
  • $350 - Arrangements TBD
  • $325 - If you are willing to loan out your multi-horse trailer to shuttle you and other entrants, we will provide a qualified driver
  • $300 - If you have a driver and a multi-horse trailer and are willing to shuttle other entrants

    (We are lining up a fleet of dedicated drivers with empty trailers that you can reserve a ride with.)

Cleaning Deposit:
The USFS requires horse campers to clean up their camp sites to USFS standards. This means bring a leaf rake! We will have a manure dumpster on site. At check-in riders will be required to leave a $40 cleaning deposit that can be collected before they leave and after their camp clean-up has been OKed.

Cancellation Policy:
Life is what happens while we’re making other plans. Both for the Tevis and the Ed Ride, you may set the goal but your horse may still get hurt. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel. The Ed Ride over fills every year. Let the next rider move up in line by canceling as soon as you know. The deadline to cancel and receive a full refund less a $30 admin. fee is June 22nd.

Other Information:

Night Ride:
Even the Tevis winner rides in the dark. It’s a long day for everyone! At the Ed Ride on Friday, we offer a 5 mile night ride to Michigan Bluff and back to base camp. To celebrate Independence Day, we will serve ice cream in Michigan Bluff. You will start the ride at dusk with your mentor and finish back in camp after dark.

Finessing Your Saddle Contents:
Due to USFS restrictions, Tevis does not allow crews into any of the stops along this 50+ mile section of the trail. No personal crews! During the Educational Ride, this is your chance to practice carrying all that you will need with you. At the vet checks we will have horse and rider refreshments and water. The rest you carry - electrolytes, easy boot, human and horse first aid, snacks, human water, cooling aids, etc.


  • Friday: Food available for purchase in camp
  • Saturday: A catered meal in the evening upon return to camp
  • Sunday: Breakfast before you ride

Just reading all this may leave you a little nervous. When we’re nervous most of us don’t eat enough or eat the right things. Our Sunday morning breakfast will remind you of the benefits of eating enough before and during your Tevis ride. At the end of Day 2 you will be amazed by all the energy you have left. A strong you makes for a strong happy horse that leads to a happy finish!!

Saturday's meal will give you a chance to relax after tackling the canyons and enjoy some social time with your fellow riders.

Chefs Orlando Sanchez (www.chefsorlandosanchez.com) will provide all basecamp food service for the weekend. Thank you!

Camp Check-In and Pre-Ride vet-in:

  • You will need to sign a liability release and collect all your participation goodies.
  • A different qualified horse can be ridden on Day 2. Please notify the ride office at check-in.
  • If arranged in advance, base camp will open for early arrivals beginning Thursday. Note: Horse water won’t be available until Friday. Riders may stay over until Monday if arranged in advance. The ride office opens at noon on Friday. Pre-ride Vet-in begins around 3 pm.


The event will follow the rules for the Tevis ride. Juniors (riders under 18) can ride with a sponsor over 18 years of age. A mentor can serve as their sponsor if arrangements are made in advance of the event.

Please keep an eye on the Tevis Cup Official Education Ride Facebook Page for upcoming details as they are finalized.

We look forward to sharing an amazing weekend with you!