California Street Trail Now Open

Posted Wednesday, March 31, 2021 8:03pm

CA Loop EntranceYour trails team is happy to report that the California Loop trail is now open to foot and equestrian traffic and you may now enjoy training rides starting directly from Foresthill.

Please respect that the first two miles of trail crosses through private property and leave no trace.

Also, if you are tacking up in town, please clean up manure at your trailer and pack it out. Thank you!

* * *

The trail above Foresthill has not yet been cleared this year, so ride it at your own risk. It is anticipated that—conditions-permitting—the upper sections of trail will be cleared by mid-May.

Finally, it’s not advised to cross the American River at Poverty Bar unless you are aware of fluctuating river flows - crossing is at your own risk and levels can change without warning.