Two Months And Counting..The Trail Awaits

Posted Friday, May 7, 2021 8:05pm

Two Hundred Signed Up!

If you haven’t sent your entry in already, time is of the essence.  See the rider list HERE.


President's Message

Well, folks. It’s looking more and more like we are going to have a ride, or as Wendell would say, “Ride, really ride!JEFF

As Covid cases decline and more of us are vaccinated, the parks and trails are beginning to open up and, the likelihood of a ride becomes a real possibility.

There will be some challenges. One of the major ones is the very small area we have for the Robinson Flat vet check and one-hour hold. The Forest Service, having had an entire year where the campground was vacant, decided to log it during the ride. Most of the traditional area we use will be unavailable. We will only have the log deck on the left as you reach the road’s intersection with Soda Springs Road to use for vetting. We will need to limit crewing and have a streamlined traffic plan. We may limit crews to one or two per rider and have crews carpool to reduce congestion. Crewing will probably be done back in the trees across from the log deck and up Soda Springs Road for a hundred yards. Needless to say, it will be a real test of ingenuity and making do. Stay tuned for further information.

It’s been a dry year and we hope to make up for it by having plenty of water on the trail. We now have two large water trailers, and they will service Michigan Bluff and Foresthill. We should have our new well in place at Chickenhawk, and have an abundance of water to cool the horses there.

Having missed the ride last year, we are all looking forward to reestablishing Tevis as the ultimate experience in endurance riding.

Happy Trails and Be Safe!

Jeff Herten


Ride Director's Message

The Tevis Ride Committee has been up and running since January of this year. We have faced multiple decisions in this second year of the Global Pandemic and also have several positions to fill to get the 2021 Tevis back to full strength. Pandemic precautions govern every decision we make, but all the signs point to a full ride as long as the infection numbers continue to improve.  I encourage riders to get fully vaccinated to protect yourself and all the volunteers who staff and manage the Tevis.CHUCK

The second big challenge for this year’s ride planning is a very tight situation at Robinson Flat.  The USFS is clearing hazard trees from the campground, so they have closed the campground for the entire year.  We will be vetting across Soda Springs Road at the log landing.  There is room for only one crew person per rider, and that person (and only that person) will be issued a pass to enter Robinson Flat.  That pass will be checked at Sailor Flat prior to your crew person being allowed access to the check.  We are embracing this situation as just another challenge in this year of challenges.

April temperatures have been reaching the high 70s and 80s in the Auburn area.  All this adds up to a longer ride season in the west and more days to work on the trail.  You are encouraged to participate in trail work days and help WSTF/ WSER trail groups get the trail ready for the 65th running of the Tevis Cup.  The joint WSTF and WSER trail committee has scheduled work days between now and the end of June, and we welcome your participation on the trail teams.  You would need to go to and click on the “sign up---be a trail volunteer” tab. No matter your conditioning or skill level you will be welcome to join and participate.  Everyone learns something they did not know when they work on trail days.

Often foreign riders lease a local horse to make the 100 mile ride.  If you are interested in that program, please notify the office, and someone will get back to you with updates and options. We have a link on the Tevis website.  Just click on the “links” tab, and you will find “Rider Resources.” You can contact Linda Glazier who will help you by posting that you are interested in a horse or you have a horse to lease. The sooner you monitor that site, the better your chances of getting a good match with your goals.

As we have for the last three Tevis rides, we are planning to use the new location for the first full vet check at Red Star. The layout there handles the large crowd that comes through early in the race. Many positive comments have been logged from the riders about the ease of the traffic flow getting through this location.  I would like to thank the Western States Endurance Run group and Craig Thornley, the WSER Race Director, for managing this stop.  This is just one of the many ways the Run and the Ride work together for the preservation of our events and trails.

This is also the time of year for vendors and sponsors to sign up to participate at Robie Park, Foresthill, and/or Auburn.  Information about these two programs are also on the website.  If you have questions about the vendor program, you can email Pam Stalley at For sponsors, please contact Pam Bailie at

I have often get asked the question, "How many 50-mile rides should I do with my horse in the year I want to complete Tevis."  I have heard Tevis Veterinarian Jamie Kerr recommend, that in a perfect year, you want to finish three 50s before Tevis.  The Covid Pandemic may complicate your ride schedule, but in a year with warm dry weather, we see success from horses in that type of program.

For those riding a Crabbet bred Arabian, there is a form on the website that allows you to enter your horse to compete for an award honoring the highest placing Crabbet horse to finish Tevis. This contest is run by the Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse Society.  Riders must ride a qualified horse and submit the form ahead of the ride.

I would like to welcome back Joe and Cindy Larkin of Greenwood to the 2021 ride committee.  Joe will be assistant ride director charged with (among other things) data management for the entries and awards. This is something that takes a number of us to check and cross check—even after being up all night.  Joe and Cindy have years of Tevis experience and beef up our “tech team”.  We are excited to work with them again and their wicked sense of humor is just a plus!!

Happy Training,

Chuck Stalley


Trail Update

Trail is currently MOSTLY clear Deadwood to River Crossing and River crossing to Auburn. Please NOTE: There are a few trees down reported on 5/1/21 on Cal Loop just past Cal 1 so please be aware of this as they are not clear yet but you may be able to get around at your own risk. Trail work is being planned ASAP. Please check the official Tevis facebook page or the Tevis office for updates.TRAIL

Robinson Flat is not open for camping or day use this year. Please be aware of this. USFS is doing hazard tree removal up there and we only have use of designated areas up there during our events. There is also still snow in the high country.  The trail is not clear and won’t be from the start to Deadwood until mid to late June.

Upcoming Events on portions of WS Trail

WSER Training Runs 5/29-5/31

  • 5/29 Robinson to Foresthill
  • 5/30 Foresthill to Drivers Flat
  • 5/31 ALT to Auburn

WSER  6/26

Tevis Educational Ride 7/2-7/4

  • 7/2 Evening ride Chicken Hawk to Michigan Bluff
  • 7/3 Robinson Flat to Chicken Hawk
  • 7/4 Chicken Hawk to Driver Flat

Tevis 7/24


Volunteers Needed!

Our horses and riders can’t do it without you!VOLUNTEERS

Whether at a Vet Check or Water Stop, as part of the Horse Transport Team, as a Radio Communications volunteer or performing one of the many other important Volunteer functions, the Tevis Cup needs your help.

Please sign up to Volunteer for the 2021 Tevis at and click on the “How to Help” link. No experience necessary!


Tevis Educational Ride - Coming up Fast!

Click below to learn more/enter.

ed ride flyer


Horses Going for Five!robie cup

Seven* highly accomplished horses are signed up to make an attempt to have their names added to the Robie Cup this year.  The Robie Cup (seen here) celebrates horses who have successfully completed the Tevis Cup ride five or more times.

  • Bailie Skrit Ablaze (owned and ridden by Pam Bailie)
  • FV Abv Antezeyn (owned and ridden by Tony Benedetti)
  • Home Run Derby (owned and ridden by Marisa Dardi)
  • Greenbriar Al Jabal (owned by Suzanne Hayes, ridden by Ann Hall)
  • Junior Cahr (owned and ridden by Carl Kimbler)
  • Fg Que Mason SeZante (owned and ridden by John Perry)
  • MM Cody (owned and ridden by Ken Campbell) 

And making a special appearance, three* horses already on the Robie Cup;

  • Kismet Cognac (owned and ridden by Sue Basham)
  • Monk (owned by Chris Martin, ridden by Nancy Martin)
  • John Henry (owned by Susan Garlinghouse, ridden by Brenna Sullivan)

*if any of the stats above are incorrect/incomplete, please advise the office ( – we’d love to know!


Riders Going for Ten!buckle

This year three names we all know will be putting it all out there for the prize of a 1000-mile buckle, they are;

  • Sue Basham
  • Ann Hall
  • Suzanne Hayes

Give ‘em a wave when you see them ride by!



Tevis Store at Horse Expo!horse expo logo

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