Lower Quarry

Hold your breath for this penultimate vet check at Lower Quarry (600 ft)

It can be chilly close to the river at Francisco’s, so wise riders don’t tally there long and put blankets on their mounts to prevent cramping.  Once you leave the lanterns of the vet check behind, you’re once again on a dark narrow twisty ledge of a trail for a few miles until you reach the wide expanse of a moonlit Poverty Bar. The number-takers here know how to party and are always having a good time. If you’re lucky, they serve chilled gatorade to riders as they pass through. To light the way, the river crossing has glowsticks tethered underwater all the way across. The front-runners sometimes encounter deeper water than is found later in the night, but by the time the bulk of the riders pass through, the water is belly-deep on most horses and the cool water is a welcome relief. The last few miles from the River Crossing to Lower Quarry are mostly along the river road overlooking the Middle Fork of the American River. You can pick up some time along here if your horse is still willing, and then you hold your breath to get through this penultimate vet check just a handful of miles from the finish.

On June 19th to 24th 2016, the American Trail Running Association partnered with the Google Maps team to capture 360 degree panoramic “street-view” imagery of the entire Western States Trail using the Street View Trekker backpack:

River Road between Poverty Bar River Crossing and Lower Quarry*

(* Note that the Western States 100 Run trail differs slightly from the Tevis trail in this area due to their starting at Squaw Valley instead of Robie Park, so they need to make up miles. However, they follow the same course along this stretch of the river road.)

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