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The 2015 Tevis Education Ride - July 3,4 and 5

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Help us preserve the historic Western States Trail

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A primary mission of the Western States Trail Foundation is to preserve the historic route taken by Paiute and Washoe Indians, Gold Rush explorers, Comstock hopefuls, and Express Riders of the Wells Fargo and Adams Express Companies. Today this route provides us with rewards of exploration, challenge, accomplishment, wilderness, nature and a bolstering of spirit for horsemen, hikers and runners alike.

In 1996 the Board of Governors of the Western States Trail Foundation determined the need to establish a permanent endowment fund to insure future funding of maintenance and improvements to the Western States Trail.  Please take a moment to read our 2014 endowment brochure and please give what you can to help preserve the Western States Trail.


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Western States Trail Endowment Fund                                  A non-profit charitable org. 501(c)(3)


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Western States Board of Governors

"The Tevis Cup: A Horsemen''s Journey Since 1955"

The Board of Governors of the Western States Trail Foundation (WSTF) welcomes you to an endurance riding event of distinction, recognized as one of the world''s best tests of true horsemanship.

The Tevis Cup Ride is the founding modern-day equestrian event more



Inside the CALSTAR Fall newsletter you will find an article on the role they play in supporting Tevis. Annually the Western States Trail Foundation partners with CALSTAR to help make this unique service known better. Inside this edition of their quarterly newsletter is an article about the relationship between Tevis Cup participants and emergency services provided by this premier organization.

Read the newsletter here.